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My Personal Presentation

Hi my name is Karem Lizeth Triana Urueña

I was born in the town of Espinal Tolima on 3 July 1997.

I live in on the Street 8# 9-53 downtown neighborhood

My mother's name is Ines Elena Urueña Bossa and My father's name is Eduardo Triana Reyes.

My father is a businessman.

My mother is housewife.

I have two older brothers and I am the youngest of the three.

I have a dog his name is lukas.

My favorite food is meat roll.

My personality is simple, I'm very reserved and moody,Responsible and funny.

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I want to study in the University district Francisco José de Caldas.

I want to study Master of Musical Arts with emphasis on Musical Direction.

I like to play basketball.

My Favorite team is Chicago Bulls.

My biggest fear is spiders.

This is my family, is composed of my parents my brothers and my dog.

These are my friends, with whom I spend most of my time.

These are my classmates; photo front multicenter mall.

With my Friends in the pool "Los Naranjos"

I admire Victor Wooten because is one of the best bass players in the world and is an inspiration for me.

I would love to travel to Germany because it is a beautiful country, full of many landscapes and highly cultured.

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